A Baby In The Stanley Cup

The old adage reads “A picture says a thousand words.” This one certainly has a story.

I was on a blogging hiatus when this happened. Here’s how I remember the story. I share Bruins season tickets with three other gentlemen. After the 2011 season, we received two tickets giving us the opportunity to get our photo taken with the Stanley Cup.

Two of us are new dads, and because kids were allowed in without a ticket, the other two were kind enough to bow out and let us take the two tickets.

The photo shoot was at the TD Garden. Both of our wives accompanied us there. They were going to wait outside while we headed in. When we arrived, I contrived a plan to try and guilt the security guards into letting our wives in. I was going to explain how our infants would look back at the photos and wonder why mommy wasn’t there. I was going to explain how much a family photo with the cup would mean to my daughter when she was old enough to understand. Oh yeah… and how much it would mean to me.

We approached the entrance; and I was ready to plead my case.

“Hi. How are you doing? We only have two tickets but our wives are…” I made it that far before I was cut off.

“Go ahead,” the security guard stated without the slightest change to his facial expression.

That was it. Just like that. We were in.

The rest is history.

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